As Long As They Fear Us

     Elysium is a group of 5 musicians dedicated to creating a metal experiance for the masses. The group formed in the summer of 2008 and has been pounding out tunes ever since. Our mission is to create the best music that we possibly can for those who are willing to listen.



The Music

This week we continue our task of writing new material. We hope to have no less than 9 song completed by the middle of July. We currently have 3 in the works and 1 completly finished. We have recording time scheduled with Matt Dalton at 37 Studios in Detroit Michigan. Matt is a well know engineer whos brother plays for the band, See You Next Tuesday. We have worked with 37 Studios in the past and our experience was nothing less than great. You can view the video of one of our newest songs by following the youtube video on our page. Our goal is to create somthing that people can relate to and enjoy. We love what we do, and as long as people want to hear heart pounding riffs and earth shattering breakdowns, we will continue to push forward to create that experience. This is where our passion lies; This is Elysium


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